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Swedish summer farm

Work Address
Medical Products Agency
Box 26
Uppsala 751 03
Phone: +46-18-174670
Fax: +46-18-183608


Doctoral Thesis
Stenlund S (2000)
Neospora caninum in Cattle in Sweden: Isolaton of the Parasite and Studies of its Transmission
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, Veterinaria 85, 40 pp
[Online PDF available]


N. caninum electronmicrograph

Neospora caninum isolate NcSweB-1

Research Publications
Stenlund S, Kindahl H, Uggla A, Björkman C (2003)
A long-term study of Neospora caninum infection in a Swedish dairy herd
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 44(1-2): 63-71
[Online PDF available]

Stenlund S, Ellis J, Windsor P (2001)
Neospora caninum and beef cattle
Journal of the Australian Association of Cattle Veterinarians 17(July):

Stenlund S, Ellis J, Windsor P (2001)
Neospora caninum, the parasite of the dog that causes abortion in cattle
Journal of the Australian Association of Cattle Veterinarians 17(March): 8-9

Uggla A, Mattsson JG, Lundén A, Jakubek E-B, Näslund K, Holmdahl OJM, Stenlund S, Frössling J, Björkman C (2000)
Neospora caninum in Sweden
International Journal for Parasitology 30(8): 893-896
[PDF available]

Kindahl H, Björkman C, Stenlund S, et al. (2000)
Neospora abortion in cattle - background and the present Swedish situation
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 35(Suppl.6): 73-75

Stenlund S, Kindahl H, Magnusson U, Uggla A, Björkman C (1999)
Serum antibody profile and reproductive performance during two consecutive pregnancies of cows naturally infected with Neospora caninum
Veterinary Parasitology 85(4): 227-234
[PDF available]

Björkman C, Näslund K, Stenlund S, Maley SW, Buxton D, Uggla A (1999)
An IgG avidity ELISA to discriminate between recent and chronic Neospora caninum infection
Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 11(1): 41-44
[Online PDF available]

Uggla A, Stenlund S, Holmdahl OJM, Jakubek E-B, Thebo P, Kindahl H, Björkman C (1998)
Oral Neospora caninum inoculation of neonatal calves
International Journal for Parasitology 28(9): 1467-1472
[PDF available]

Stenlund S, Björkman C, Holmdahl OJM, Kindahl H, Uggla A (1998)
Characterization of a Swedish bovine isolate of Neospora caninum
Parasitology Research 83(3): 214-219
[PDF available]

Holmdahl J, Björkman C, Stenlund S, Uggla A, Dubey JP (1997)
Bovine Neospora and Neospora caninum: one and the same
Parasitology Today 13(1): 40-41
[PDF available]

Björkman C, Johansson 0, Stenlund S, Holmdahl OJM, Uggla A (1996)
Neospora species infection in a herd of dairy cattle
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 208(9): 1441-1444

Björkman C, Gustafsson K, Kindahl H, Lundén A, Magnusson U, Stenlund S, Uggla A (1994)
Neospora caninum, en nyupptäckt patogen hos nötkreatur och hund i Sverige
Svensk Veterinärtidning 46: 433-435





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